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Nokia looking for Director of On-line Care

Hot on the heels of my article soliciting Nokia Care experiences (over N900 microUSB failures), a new posting showed up on Nokia’s jobs page seeking “Director – On-line Care-BUS0000003V“.  The description is as follows:

  • Responsible for the delivery of On-line Care Services, through all Nokia on-line media (Nokia.com, Ovi.com, mobi.com etc.).
  • Experience in managing global operations, off-shoring and vendor management.
  • Proven success in improving customer satisfaction, NPS, retention and revenue through on-line support services.
  • A minimum of 15 years experience in the field of web based support for complex products, services and applications.
  • Additionally responsible for Software Delivery Operations; delivery of device software updates through on-line (Nokia Software Updater) and over the air (FOTA).
  • An integral member of the Care Operations management team and the Nokia Digital Channels steering group.
  • Nokia’s content expert in the field of web based customer service.
  • The applicant will have the following experience and skills:

  • Strategic Thinker – able to see the big picture and develop a compelling vision of Nokia Care’s on-line services. Must have ability to turn that vision into a strategy and into actions and results.
  • Experience in leading complex,geographically diverse teams.
  • A deep understanding of web development and operations.
  • Combined with the challenge to me to gather N900 owner experiences, this leads to a reasonable assumption that Nokia has recognized room for improvement in its customer Care processes and is starting to take the necessary steps.

    The position is intended for either Espoo, Finland or the United Kingdom.  For those interested, the listing can be found here: http://nokia.taleo.net/careersection/10120/jobdetail.ftl?lang=en&job=691706

    Technically Employed: the Survivor’s Tale

    I’m going to take a break from the Nokia ecosystem analyses tonight and return to the topic that launched this blog early last year: employment.  Particularly, in engineering, information management and related technical fields.  My career comfort zones.

    Some personal bits: I freely admit to being a geek.  I actually love electronics.  And hardware.  And databases.  And designing.  And programming.  And process stuff.  Stitch them together and you’ve created my dream job.   Amazingly enough, I’ve come really close at a few employers.  At The Stanleyworks (now Stanley Black and Decker) I was a drafter who ultimately worked his way up the technical ladder to manage product data and requirements for the Mechanics Tools division.  I was in geek heaven.  Did I mention I love tools, too?  Continue reading

    The Unselected’s Tale

    I thought I was going to have a happy story to relate Monday morning.  The exciting tale of a humble blogger who, having recently lost one of the best jobs he’s had, found something very similar and wound up being hired.  A Cinderella ending if there ever was one.

    But something went awry in the story’s unfolding.  The main character, yours truly, somehow blew a second interview and lost the shot to another candidate.

    Continue reading

    Have tablet, will troubleshoot

    I received a call from a recruiter last night, just as I was telling my brother that the current job hunt had turned aggravating.  The recruiter asked if I would be interested in a contract job that required a bit of regional travel and involved visiting client sites to record equipment diagnostic data.

    Although this would be a significant deviation from my career path, I’m concerned enough about the economy that I’m willing to take a short-term contract job that’s out of scope.  For one, it will pay better than unemployment.  For another, it just may be a nice learning opportunity!

    The one part I’m most intrigued by is the mention by the recruiter of using a web tablet to record data.  I realize there are other products that can make the claim, but I’m hoping they’re referring to one of Nokia’s internet tablets.  That would sure shorten the learning curve and validate my belief that the products have significant business-use potential.  If I find out more I’ll pass on what I can!

    Update: recruiter appears to have vanished from the face of the Earth.