Have tablet, will troubleshoot

I received a call from a recruiter last night, just as I was telling my brother that the current job hunt had turned aggravating.  The recruiter asked if I would be interested in a contract job that required a bit of regional travel and involved visiting client sites to record equipment diagnostic data.

Although this would be a significant deviation from my career path, I’m concerned enough about the economy that I’m willing to take a short-term contract job that’s out of scope.  For one, it will pay better than unemployment.  For another, it just may be a nice learning opportunity!

The one part I’m most intrigued by is the mention by the recruiter of using a web tablet to record data.  I realize there are other products that can make the claim, but I’m hoping they’re referring to one of Nokia’s internet tablets.  That would sure shorten the learning curve and validate my belief that the products have significant business-use potential.  If I find out more I’ll pass on what I can!

Update: recruiter appears to have vanished from the face of the Earth.


2 responses to “Have tablet, will troubleshoot

  1. Good luck with the job search Texrat!

  2. Thanks EIPI.

    I just spammed New Breed Logistics with 4 applications (separate jobs). Either they’ll love my persistence or hate my pestering. ; )

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