First Person Teaming

I am an avid gamer, particularly strategy and First-Person shooters (FPS).  My favorite of the latter is Halo CE but I also enjoy Quake Wars: Enemy Territory and Team Fortress 2 (I just installed Unreal Tournament 3 as well).  I especially enjoy good teaming.

I’ve noticed a number of players who don’t understand team play so I will begin a series of tutorials with tips, hints and strategies that apply broadly to the FPS genre.  I hope some find them useful!

It may be worth noting here that I am not targeting advanced users with this series.  My intended audience needs to learn basics so I won’t be addressing all possible variations on any theme… I will stick to fundamentals and use very simple examples.

Just keep in mind the goal is for everyone to have fun!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Observation and Communication
  3. Mobilization Strategies
  4. The Best Defense
  5. Grand Theft Warthog

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