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My Derailed Journey Back to Nokia

This is a highly personal post so for those whose eyes roll or minds reel at the thought, click past this one and I promise more juicy tech stuff next.

As regular readers know, I lost a great job with an awesome company in January of 2009.  As of this past Monday I started a challenging new role with what seems like another awesome company so far.  In between, I worked at something that didn’t work out while keeping an eye on Nokia opportunities the whole time.    Continue reading

Thoughts from Nokia World 2011

A few weeks ago, Nokia Connects held a media contest to award tickets, travel and accomodation for some lucky blogger to express why he or she was excited about Nokia World 2011.  I already had all that covered, but gave it a shot just in case my wife or a friend could use the prize.  Worth a try, right?

Granted, my entry began by addressing cynicism, some personal but largely general, which had to make it a long-shot.  I walked readers through my Nokia journey for this year, with the aim of providing an objective yet ultimately optimistic view of the company’s prospects.   Continue reading

Why am I Excited about Nokia World 2011?

Today I was challenged to share my anticipation for the next instance of Nokia’s landmark celebration of mobile ingenuity.  So, what will it take to excite me in London on the 26th of October?

Something big.

As regular readers will recall, in May 2010 I asked if 2011 would be make or break for Nokia.  While hoping it wasn’t, I feared it just might be.  Pessimism wasn’t helped later when at least one analyst answered.

This has been an interesting year for the Finnish giant.  It started with a singularity, was punctuated by an Elopocalyptic big bang, and has since churned in an expanding universe of naysayers.  I’ve lately been concerned about Nokia’s universe contracting.  I can’t recall any companies cutting their way to success.

So I’m looking for a great big MAKE from Nokia World 2011!  I’m expecting rocking revelations.  Passion-fueling presentations.  News that assures us a fantastic rebound is closer than anyone dared hope.  Something that restores universal faith in a company I know still has what it takes to not just succeed but exceed.

I’m convinced that much of the recent quiet hints at just that big surprising something.  Bring it on, Nokia!

Rebuilding a Nokia North America Presence

The surprising selection of Canadian and former Microsoftie Stephen Elop for new Nokia CEO has triggered mass speculation that the company has finally decided to walk the walk on this continent.  The invitation to numerous bloggers from North America to attend Nokia World 2010 in London pretty much seals the deal.

What isn’t clear however lies in the dust of details.  Continue reading

Nokia Whirled 2010

Is it bad that I was so apathetic about early Nokia World talk this year?  After all, I blog a great deal about the company… mostly around business practices, community and technology.  I should cover an event this important.  But I’m not a device reviewer per se, which probably explains why I never get invitations to these shindigs.  Which probably explains the apathy.

Even without all that, though, just from an end user standpoint I have had difficulty getting fired up over the London event.  Just as Nokia can’t seem to get fired up about its end users.  Seems the sentiment is returned according to the screen snag shown.

Oops, cheap shot.  I don’t want to turn this into yet another bashing-cum-analysis piece.  After witnessing the Nokia World twitterflood from excited folks like Jay Montano and Matt Miller and remembering my recent vow to look for the positive, I figured what the heck– do a remote write-up on the affair, Day 1 at least.  Google would provide my virtual ticket. Continue reading

Nokia World 2009

Nokia World 2009 in brief

There’s been plenty of coverage already on this eye-popping event so I’ll limit my analysis to just a few points.

Nokia N900

The rundown:

This impressive Maemo-fueled touchscreen phone (aka mobile computer) is the new flagship device and comes laden with highly compelling features.  Even though I find the small screen size disappointing I understand the politics behind the design decision.  This is after all a phone more than tablet.  Rumors combined with my own common sense continue to encourage me that this is indeed part of a product platform and we will ulitimately see some sort of “slate” variant (a la N800)… by early next year at the latest (possibly CES?).

My verdict:

I would buy this multifaceted device save one factor: advertised price.  I won’t quote any numbers (there’s already too much confusion over this) BUT if it comes to the US at much over $400 unsubsidized, I’ll wait.

Nokia Booklet netbook

The rundown:

This is the product I personally find more exciting as it represents a new adventure for Nokia.  The brand will finally sit on shelf space alongside Dell, Acer, HP and others which should help further Nokia’s recognition as a new player in internet services.  This will be solidified by the option of a cell radio modem (for data only) and the future placement of Windows applications on Ovi Store.  That’s right, penguin lovers, the netbook will come with Windows 7 installed by default.  Reformat and repurpose with the OS of your choice.  😉

My verdict:

This is another gadget that would easily be on my list (my youngest son is in the market for a netbook) were it not for a higher-than-expected retail price of ~$800.  Although as usual Nokia has packed this portable PC with useful features like HDMI output and a purported 12 hour battery charge(!), at typically twice the cost of entry netbooks this is a bit prohibitive.  A subsidized version from my cellular service provider might help.

Another showstopper for some is the hard-soldered 1 gigabyte of system memory.  If this is indeed limited, that means no heavy business usage.  Of course, many could argue that this is a consequence of the 120 gigaybte hard drive and 10.1 inch screen anyway.  Cramped viewing real estate and storage space notwithstanding, the netbook does come with a version of Microsoft Office except that, curiously, it is a 60 day trial.  Buying the full version of course increases the actual product cost.

In appearance this aluminum-bodied product holds its own against the best netbook or notebook designs out there, including Apple’s.  Kudos to Nokia’s industrial design team!

X Series phones

The rundown:

The trademarking of new series designators C and X had a lot of tongues wagging prior to the show.  There was plenty of wild speculation over just what this advent might mean.  Pundits who identified the X designator as a likely series of new music phones were right on target, as Nokia announced the X3 and X6 music-oriented devices.  I’m impressed with the appearances and features of both (moreso with the X6).  Both will be available at Christmas.

My verdict:

Another product line perfect for my teenage sons.  The X3 is even affordable at a listed 115 Euros.  I think this line has potential!


I found the atmosphere around and during this event to be more electric than last year’s event.  Nokia does seem to be seriously trying to battle the growing skepticism over its high-end prospects.  I am just concerned that pricing may interfere; let’s hope there’s a significant difference between proposed retail and actual when these sleek beauties all hit store shelves.

There were other announcements such as formal acknowledgment of the N97 Mini but nothing else I felt compelled to cover here.  Visit the official Nokia World 2009 site for more in-depth coverage especially as the event continues.

The event itself has rekindled my faith a bit.  Now if Ovi can just get the same degree of much-needed attention, maybe Nokia can stifle the doubters…