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2 responses to “Help

  1. Fabrizio Orrù

    I have bought the Nokia N900 in Italy (near Rome) on 22 of December 2010
    and on 1 august of 2011 my micro usb port has gotten detached.
    I went on a Nokia Point in Rome Via di decima 25a
    and they told me that the micro USB detach make decline the 2 year legal warranty
    because I stretched the micro USB plug when I had never done it.
    I’ve called the Italian Nokia Care Service (0039 848 390 073) and they first had told me
    to go to the Nokia Point Via di Decima and ask them to send the Nokia n900 to the Italian National Lab. So I’ve again gone to the Nokia Point Via di Decima but they refuse to take my phone telling me again that the warranty has declined.
    So I’ve called again the Nokia Care Service and they had told me that if the engineers
    have told that I stretched the micro USB the nokia care could not help me.
    I’ve not stretch my nokia n900 micro USB, I’ve only plug in and plug out carefully.
    I’m so embittered, please can u help me to resolve this bad situation?
    Fabrizio Orru’

    • Sorry, I think you misunderstood the purpose of this page. It’s actually tongue-in-cheek.

      Unfortunately I can’t help much with these cases. Be persistent and escalate. Show Care centers the communications from Nokia acknowledging the problem.

      Note that I will delete comments on this page soon.

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