First Person Teaming: Introduction

No, this isn’t a new oxymoronic phrase for your buzzword bingo cards– as noted on the Play page here I’m beginning a series of tutorials on effective team play in First Person Shooter (FPS)  games.  I will reference certain ones to illustrate examples (especially Halo CE for the PC) but for the most part I will generalize.  The vast majority of the tactics I cite are applicable to any FPS game, regardless of its unique aspects.


First Person Shooters go way back, but Doom can be considered the seminal origin for what we play today.  It was such an advent and so solidly designed that many of its elements persist, decades later.


There are many modes but the core ones go by names such as Slayer, Capture the Flag (CTF), Assault, Invasion, etc.  Most of my focus in this series will be on CTF and related objective-based modes.


My goal is to share the value of my experience in effective teamplay strategies.  I will be the first to admit I am not a very good pistoleer or sniper.  In fact I have little respect for the latter, sorry (I’m a mix-it-up-in-the-middle kinda player, not a squatter).  But what I am decent at is melding with a group of mediocre-to-good players and leading them to victory using a variety of time-proven techniques.

Above and Beyond

Some may trivialize this series, but I counter that people who master what I will present will develop a teaming mindset applicable to every aspect of their lives.  They will learn to make leadership, interaction and team support a natural part of their default beahaviors.


Let it be noted I am not against individualism.  On the contrary, I believe a well-functioning team is a collection of individuals using their unique skills toward a common goal.  Personal victories, such as flag captures and enemy kills, are to be celebrated as long as they support the team objectives.

Going Forward

The first article in the series will cover the basics: communication and observation.  Stay tuned!


4 responses to “First Person Teaming: Introduction

  1. It was pointed out at that other FPS-type games predated Doom. True, but Doom really ramped up the awareness, mainly due to controversy, and ended up turning a niche pursuit into a huge mainstream moneymaker– slightly ironic, given its shareware origin.

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