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The Job Search: when HR fails itself

I’m very busily employed now, four weeks into an IT change management role, but still receiving occasional thanks-but-no-thanks emails from former prospects.

For the most part I’ve let the 100-or-so job application dismissals I’ve received go without comment, but feeling frisky with two shiny paychecks under my belt I felt compelled to respond to one today.  I was polite, but wondered: where was my phone screen?

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The Unselected’s Tale

I thought I was going to have a happy story to relate Monday morning.  The exciting tale of a humble blogger who, having recently lost one of the best jobs he’s had, found something very similar and wound up being hired.  A Cinderella ending if there ever was one.

But something went awry in the story’s unfolding.  The main character, yours truly, somehow blew a second interview and lost the shot to another candidate.

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