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Who’s Minding the Ovi Store?

Nokia has been proudly touting some impressive statistics of its Ovi store recently, and on the surface they do seem promising.  Given their global cell phone sales numbers, that shouldn’t be surprising.  Even though Nokia has hit a rough spot, the company still manages to crank out more devices per year than any competitor.

However, looking into the details exposes some disturbing aspects.

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Social Physics

A quote from a longtime maemo.org member combined with a brief passage in the book I’m currently reading got me thinking lately about measuring social interactions and expectations.

The maemo.org member quote was in reference to my upcoming presentation on corporate-community engagement, and I’ll repost it:

What exactly does “success” mean for a community? That it’s still existing? That it’s growing? Is the fact that a community exists at all a success?

It’s hard to determine how the corporations are responsible for community success when that success is a lot harder to define than dollars and cents.

Hold that thought for a bit.

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