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Getting Over Ovi

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In a press release yesterday, Nokia informed its customers that its Ovi services would be folded back into the Nokia brand.  Is this simply an admission of brand evangelism failure, or the prelude to further, more significant business changes?

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Ovi: door to the developing world?

One of my biggest frustrations on the internet is the disconnect between services I use.  Various accounts each require individual logins which translates to a maintenance headache.  Microsoft tried to alleviate this years ago with Passport IDs, but wary users begged off of a solution proposed by a monolithic corporation.  More recently, OpenID shows promise but really only solves the login part of the equation.

Enter Ovi (Finnish for “door”), the semi-integrated smorgasbord of web services under construction by global phone giant Nokia.  The goal is a seamless experience where members can thread their way through photo uploads, music downloads and related online experiences without the hassle of multiple accounts.  Integration has been rough, as demonstrated by one recent hiccup, but unfortunately such can be the growing pains of a Frankenstein product assembled from mostly purchased parts.

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