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DFW MeeGo Network: Review of First Meetup

As many readers already know, I tried to get local Maemo meetups going around a year or so ago, using the Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas, US) area as a prototype..  Just as the effort began gaining traction, the MeeGo announcement put an unwitting crimp in those activities.  So I was excited and relieved when the MeeGo community finally reached the critical mass necessary for local enthusiast groups.

More information on this effort is available on a specific wiki page, so in this article I am going to focus on the first gathering of the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) local group.   Continue reading


The Great microSociety, part 3

Last time I went into further detail on how the combined acts of individuals can actually serve to work against the needs and desires of their majority.  Vehicle traffic was used as an example, citing a paradox wherein removing choice from a network can improve its efficiency.  With apologies to the late Ayn Rand (whose ivory tower ideals I believe I can safely say are now thoroughly debunked by the current economic crisis) let’s explore that further.

I see this paradox at work every time I shop for groceries.  As a male, my shopping approach is very specific and methodical.  I don’t waste time browsing; I have a list, a collection of coupons, and I attack the process as if it were a financial struggle between myself and the retailer.

The main hinderance to my effectiveness is the multitude of unnecessary choices for many products.  My favorite example is toothpaste.  I like the option of 3 or more brands, but how many sizes and varieties do I need?  Why do there have to be separate toothpastes for tartar control, bad breath and other afflictions?  How do those disparate choices help consumers?

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