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maemo.org council election Spring 2010

I’m going to take a brief break from the MeeGo cheerleading to rally support for a related and more immediate need: electing the next maemo.org community council.  The bad news is it means there’s gonna be a lecture… and it’s liable to stick to some readers.

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From Maemo to MeeGo, now where do WE go?

This morning’s stunning announcement that Nokia’s Linux-based Maemo mobile operating system would merge with Intel’s Moblin to form MeeGo was met with a wild variety of reactions, none of them meek.

Natural fear and anxiety from many of those with longstanding and deep roots into Maemo were countered by fist-pumping exuberance from those new to the ecosystem and encouraged by what possibilities this merger might portend.

I’m excited, too, although that includes anxiety of my own.  As many readers know by now, I’ve been working hard on some maemo.org community initiatives lately, mainly outreach and event coordination.  I’d put a lot of time and even money into the effort.  Of course, this was entirely on my initiative so I’m not looking to recover anything… rather, just expressing a little regret that some really nice materials (and thanks to the maemo.org community for the guidance there) are now going into the trash.

Some have expressed the fear that such a fate awaits maemo.org in toto, but despite my own personal concerns I’m trying to stay optimistic.  That includes already registering for the 2010 Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, creating an account at MeeGo.com and preparing to reach out to MeeGo’s Technical Steering group.

While some of my own recent work has been rendered pointless, there are some projects I’m championing that may well carry over.  Chief among them are an effort to bring bug reporting to handheld devices and a better means of brainstorming virtually.  More on those later.  In addition, there appear to be gaps in the MeeGo structure that maemo.org best practices driven by spirited members can help fill.

The last sentences touches on the main gap: community.  Currently Moblin is very developer-centric and this has carried over to the initial MeeGo site.  Missing is the heavy focus on users so deeply ingrained in the maemo.org culture.  Many Maemo developers started as people interested in the product and lacking the background to immediately jump into coding for the Nokia devices– yet maemo.org’s rich support network and history of user growth facilitation have enabled many, many people to quickly expand their skill sets and contribute in ways some never imagined.  Can we integrate that can-do culture into MeeGo?  Well, I know many who will certainly try!

There’s also some trepidation over the fact that MeeGo was launched on a .com instead of .org.  I’m trying not to read too much into that just yet.  It could simply turn out to be a semantics issue, although some purists will argue the point.

I had several articles oriented around maemo.org staged for upcoming publication, and now I have to revisit everything I’ve been doing.  But rest assured that if I’m so empowered I will continue as I have been and add a healthy transition to MeeGo to my goals.  To that end, I will be running for maemo.org council re-election and humbly ask for your vote.

Let’s put worries behind us and rise to the challenge!  If we don’t, who will?

maemo.org growing pains

Nokia’s launch last year of the N900 mobile computer introduced a bit of disruption to their normal business model.  The ripple effect naturally propagated down to the lowest levels and had a huge impact on the semi-independent community, maemo.org.

Before subjecting you to an epic article, I want to point out that change was anticipated, but have to admit with some embarassment that when talk of adding cellular capability to Maemo devices gained traction, I was one of those naive souls downplaying the potential impact.  I assumed two things, both unfortunately proven incorrect:

  1. the consumer cost of a phone-capable tablet would be fairly low
  2. Nokia would platform the product and continue offering “slate” form factors with no cell phone embedded along with cell-enabled models

But others more prescient grasped very early that even if either or both of these played out (which they sadly didn’t), adding that GSM/UMTS radio introduced the devices to a largely different demographic… one that could significantly shift the priorities of maemo.org.

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Maemo 5 gift keeps giving

And hot on the heels of the little Maemo firmware update from the other day, here’s the other shoe dropping: http://conversations.nokia.com/2010/01/14/nokia-n900-software-update-part-2/

I think I hear the sound of happy N900s… not to mention maemo.org community members relieved to see the release accompanied by a Nokia announcement.  😉  Oh, on that note: http://wiki.maemo.org/Maemo_5/PR1.1.

Fire ’em up!

Post holiday present from Maemo… and Ovi

Twitter and maemo.org are buzzing with great news: you no longer have to wait on the Nokia N900 firmware upgrade I teased you about.  That’s right: a new update, 1.2009.44-1, is now available.

Lack of Nokia-generated buzz along with the version number suggests that this is apparently a minor release and meant as a precursor to something bigger to follow soon.  Yes, “soon” is a vague political word but I don’t have a date.

But it must be a banner day for Nokia as well as customers, though, because as small as this update may seem it comes with Ovi Store support.  That’s right, the long-promised N900 knob to the Ovi Store door is here.

Initial access success was reportedly mixed, as the greenlighting appeared to occur on a region-by-region basis.  Some URL tricks were necessary at first for some but the ever-resourceful maemo.org community figured it out quickly and had eager users buying games like “Angry Birds” in short order.

The Ovi Store access has also been said to be accompanied by a nice improvement to the Application Manager, something long requested and overdue.  Sorry, no screenshots yet– I still don’t have a replacement N900.  However you can catch a glimpse at some N900 technical blogs like maemo-freak.com.

Today proves once again that big things can come in small packages.  And it’s still speculative, but I’m betting these advents precede an announcement regarding T-Mobile US and the N900.  We’ll see…

Maemo community outreach: Dallas open source Saturday

This morning I officially kicked off my version of Maemo community outreach efforts, by joining my first meetup of the Dallas Open Source Saturday group.  We met at Los Lupe’s TexMex restaurant in Addison, north of Dallas.  The seating was decent and the breakfast tacos were very good in my opinion, but drawbacks for the location included lack of wifi, too much loud music/talking and inability to use TV for presentations.

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maemo.org community council 2009-2010: midterm assessment

Is the current maemo.org community council hitting a sophomore slump?

Before I go further, a disclaimer: I’m on it.

A gauntlet… or mild molotov cocktail… is thrown

The impetus for tonight’s analysis was a thought-provoking discussion on the community council mailing list this morning.  I’m not going to replicate who-said-what or plaster this post with immaterial details– what I am going to do is extract some key points and offer my perspective and suggestions on the subject.

The essential compliant posed was that some or all members of the current council are not fulfilling their roles and/or campaign promises.  That perhaps they/we got in over our heads.

I’m going to take issue first with the original complaint, and then cover the known gaps.

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