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A Tech Ecosystem for the Rest of Us

The choice buzzword since the February 11 Nokia-Microsoft deal (satirically tagged on twitter as #NoWin) is ecosystem.  Stephen Elop’s vision apparently stops short of a Linux-powered mobile solution.  Either the newly-minted Nokia CEO can’t see how to monetize it or thinks it hasn’t happened fast enough for him– pick your choice of pundit assessments here.

The strategy that Nokia had originally described when migrating their Maemo efforts to the joint MeeGo venture with Intel was that the added value for their corporate bottom line would come from a combination of lower internal OS development costs along with a customized user experience on top of the MeeGo core… one that was promised at one point to “knock our socks off”.  Who could reasonably argue with such a concept?

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Apple vs Adobe: a messy divorce

Anyone just entering the world of animation technology in recent years could be forgiven for thinking Apple and Adobe have always been at odds.  Their escalating battle over Flash gives all the appearance of two hardened combatants who have had difficulty sharing the same planet, much less overlapping technical spheres.

But in the distant past, in computing years anyway, Apple and Adobe were a cozy couple.  Apple’s Mac computers were seen as the must-use platform for graphics and desktop publishing, a niche Adobe has for all practical purposes owned forever.  Macs received Adobe’s doting attention, and other platforms such as IBM-flavored PCs were lucky to get a second-rate look.

Over the years this has turned around as Microsoft’s Windows advanced in capability and PCs proved to be the default corporate workhorse of choice.  The market spoke, Adobe listened, and Apple found itself in the lesser suitor role.  Surely this didn’t sit well with the Cupertino crowd.

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Ovi: door to the developing world?

One of my biggest frustrations on the internet is the disconnect between services I use.  Various accounts each require individual logins which translates to a maintenance headache.  Microsoft tried to alleviate this years ago with Passport IDs, but wary users begged off of a solution proposed by a monolithic corporation.  More recently, OpenID shows promise but really only solves the login part of the equation.

Enter Ovi (Finnish for “door”), the semi-integrated smorgasbord of web services under construction by global phone giant Nokia.  The goal is a seamless experience where members can thread their way through photo uploads, music downloads and related online experiences without the hassle of multiple accounts.  Integration has been rough, as demonstrated by one recent hiccup, but unfortunately such can be the growing pains of a Frankenstein product assembled from mostly purchased parts.

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