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America Offline: fall of a walled gardener

This is a Tale of Two Internets, with a vivid beginning but no clear ending yet.

Technophiles of my ancient generation fondly ruminate over the early glory days of wide network communications, when there were basically two modes:  ARPANET, and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).  As many know the former was a US government-sponsored networking project that was originally closed to the general public, while the latter was a collective prototype Internet rooted in normal telephony infrastructure and was easily accessible by anyone with the right equipment.

But something curious happened over time.

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When all else fails

I apologize for being incommunicado the past several days– we had an internet outage that was just repaired yesterday.

The problem would have been resolved sooner but troublemaker– er, troubleshooter me I had to look into it before calling Verizon.  But after a couple days of frequent connection dropouts I hade to give up and call for help when everything went down completely.  I threaded my way through their automated voicemail to receive a message saying service was out in my area and would be repaired late Friday.  When the high-speed FIOS service still was not back up on Saturday, I checked again only to hear it would be later that day (turns out that larger issue was not my actual problem).

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Virtually yours

Continuing the (un)employment-oriented rant, I want to move from hard reality to soft possibility.  In the process, I’m going to weave in bits of my resumé.  Let’s see how well the job bots can handle it.

My last position with Nokia was mostly remote-operated for a year or so.  I was partially responsible for the success of around 400 logistics claims handlers around the world.  That meant making sure our intranet application was properly configured, new users accounted for and mid-tier support staff notified of infrastructure issues.  All of this was conducted over internet and phone.  In person, I met maybe 20 or 25 of the regular claims handlers.

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