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Regime Change Management

I guess I was destined to get into change management in some form or fashion.  DNA alone got the ball rolling; manic creativity runs in the family, and creativity thrives on constant and profound change.

So I fit in well in engineering at Texas Instruments during the late 1980s to early 1990s, where change was the order of the day.  My first boss realized he needed to keep me challenged and so I wound up the de facto change order troubleshooter, chasing down busy managers whose signatures were required to keep some government-demanded product development or improvement on track.  Continue reading


Where’s my asteroid?

A popular theory has it that a massive asteroid or comet strike 65 million years ago had a negative impact on many dinosaur species at the time.  One could say their entire DNA lines were laid off– permanently.

I’m starting to feel like a dinosaur myself, and frequently looking over my shoulder just in case.

You see, I was born to be a product nut.  It doesn’t even matter what the product is.  Software, hardware, wetware, firmware… I just love to be in the thick of the development process.  The closer I am to invention of some sort, the happier I am.  I’ve even invented a few things but so far none has made it to market.

That worked fine for over a decade.  I spent seven amazing years in Texas Instruments former Defense Systems and Electronics Group (DSEG) and even after TI sold the division and sent me packing, I was able to find similar work (with Boeing) very quickly.  And later on, as my career took some interesting twists and turns, I managed to stay close to product development in some form or fashion.

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Working with change

My new career search led me to considering additional certifications in order to quantify certain experience… particularly in information management.  I had frequently seen the acronym ITIL pop up in relation to IM roles so it made sense to look into it.

ITIL, I found out, stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library.  It’s a means of establishing an official, common framework for activities like configuration management.  The goal is “to build best practice in developing a long term service strategy“.

One of the first topics I encountered as I plowed into ITIL was change management.  I was immediately struck by the fact that everywhere I have worked the focus was on managing process change, and rarely people change.  It is precisely the lack of the latter that leads to companies letting the wrong people go when times become turbulent, or overlooking the effects on those who remain.

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