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Ecosystem, or Curated Manure?

Okay, I’ve officially had it with this year’s buzzwords.  You know which ones.



At first ecosystem was kind of cute.  It sounded so green and organized.  Who could argue against anything prefixed with eco?  Continue reading


Shopping on the go

I’ve complained before about the eyeball-assaulting mess of Amazon.com’s entry page, and now it’s time to go a little deeper into that rant.

A noisy site like Amazon.com can work well enough on desktop displays, but not so much on mobile devices.  Given that the mobile internet is rapidly becoming the default mode, fixing this soon is an urgent must.

Stripped-down touchscreen apps aren’t the solution, either.  They’re great for simple use but for people who require the full experience on-the-go, replicating that complete desktop functionality is a requirement.  The trick is how to do so effectively on a 3.5 inch screen.

Somewhere in the middle between dumbed-down apps and a wasteful web page lies web shopper nirvana.  Continue reading

Dear amazon.com: your service is great, your website not so much

As a longtime devoted user of amazon.com I have just grumbled occasionally about its Rube Goldberg-ian website but online holiday shopping has me irritated enough to blog.

Over the years, merchandising warrior Amazon has steadily added extremely useful and compelling features to its shopping experience.  The powerful search, review and recommendation aspects have saved me a tremendous amount of time over raw Googling and have introduced me to people and items I might have otherwise never known existed.  That keeps me coming back and building a wishlist that scares even Santa.

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