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A Tech Ecosystem for the Rest of Us

The choice buzzword since the February 11 Nokia-Microsoft deal (satirically tagged on twitter as #NoWin) is ecosystem.  Stephen Elop’s vision apparently stops short of a Linux-powered mobile solution.  Either the newly-minted Nokia CEO can’t see how to monetize it or thinks it hasn’t happened fast enough for him– pick your choice of pundit assessments here.

The strategy that Nokia had originally described when migrating their Maemo efforts to the joint MeeGo venture with Intel was that the added value for their corporate bottom line would come from a combination of lower internal OS development costs along with a customized user experience on top of the MeeGo core… one that was promised at one point to “knock our socks off”.  Who could reasonably argue with such a concept?

Obviously, Nokia’s board of directors and their recent replacement for Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. Continue reading


The seeds of a feedback ecosystem

A few posts ago I kicked off a series of talks here on the subject of a feedback ecosystem and how such a thing could enhance user engagement, particularly on mobile devices.

While I did touch on what such a thing might be, I want to explore in deeper detail tonight.  First some personal background.

How I Originally Got Into This

Nokia hired me in 2005 to be a Quality Feedback Analyst in support of cell phone factory operations.   I had never performed in such a role (I had never even owned a cell phone!) and was surprised to get the job offer.  But my new manager said she saw all the right pieces in my engineering past and that the passion I had for quality was obvious.

I was glad she gave me the opportunity, as that turned out to be the most enjoyable and rewarding job I’ve ever had.  The challenge to analyze and improve the error reporting and corrective action processes was a real thrill!  I had finally found the right home for my problem-solving inclinations.

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Finding focus

One drawback of keeping up with a blog like this is that it often must take a back seat to more immediate or practical matters.  That’s certainly been the case the past few weeks as my draft backlog builds while nothing is published.

The economic crisis has definitely been personal for me, ostensibly playing a part in the loss of my last paid position (with Nokia) and now pitting me against a growing workload at my current employer.  As much as I enjoy researching and writing for this corner of my life, the work that puts food on the table takes precedence.

That said, I’m making an effort to allocate some quality time to both maemo.org council duties and an exciting project, the MeeGo User Engagement Framework (MUEF).  Thanks to the latter I just had a paper accepted for Akademy 2010 and I’m excited at that prospect.  Still looking for help with the project, too!

Since my free time has been so impacted by recent employment needs, I’ve decided that once I wrap up and post the current drafts in queue I’ll make the MUEF project the main focus of the blog for a while.  There’s a lot of ground to cover so there will be no shortage of material.

So stick around– things should get interesting soon!