Nokia Pulses

Leave it to a crafty Nokia press event announcement and a 49-character burst from a long-dormant Twitter account to fire up the imagination of the collective MeeGo and Maemo communities– especially the latter.

I’ve posted before about Nokia’s shaky prospects for this year, and the need for the first official MeeGo device to launch big.  Based on the caginess around this event, I think Nokia’s PR folks are getting it– “it” being a launch management system close in form to Apple’s own.  Of course we need to watch the event itself to see if the hype and hope aren’t squandered.

Speculation is running wild over what will be announced, but Nokia has promised it will be “disruptive”.  That could manifest in so many ways I’m not going to bother exploring them here… instead, I’m going to wait the 2-and-a-half hours for the actual event and start twittering as it develops.  Just follow!  I’ll post a wrap-up here sometime afterward.

Update: add an hour to that countdown.  I hear the event is delayed.


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