Marketing MeeGo: Introduction

One of the biggest challenges facing the MeeGo venture will be creating tangible interest around its (eventual) offerings.  iOS and
Android enjoy the buzz right now, the latter now benefiting more than the former.  At some point MeeGo as a product (or family of products) needs to establish the same sort of excitement if it is to seize significant market share.

It’s only natural to assume that any corporate entity utilizing MeeGo in some manner would craft unique marketing campaigns for their implementations.  But grassroots or community-led marketing is something else entirely.  

Grand Canyons

As shown on MeeGo’s wiki page for marketing, there is no shortage of activities and areas needing attention from the MeeGo community.  Some parts are already gaining traction, such as the local meetups (and even one national), but there are still gaps looking for filler.

The biggest potholes lie between idea and execution, and questions around funding expose the most noticeable hole.  That was a major hangup for Maemo outreach.  Volunteers traditionally don’t mind spending time on an effort in which they believe, but expensing materials, travel fare and hotel rooms can be a blocker.

Following email list discussion on this topic, a “bug” report was created yesterday to get this rectified for MeeGo community outreach.  Hopefully the recent addition of A Linux Foundation employee chartered to manage policy and process will go a long way toward addressing this need.  More on that in a future article.

Echoing Examples

Funding aside, presentations are a relatively easy method of sharing the MeeGo story.  Generic and reference examples already exist to get speakers started, and surely more will come.  I have in mind a multi-part series that starts with the development of community marketing resources and processes, and then guides hopeful community marketeers down the road to compelling presentations.

The plan is to share this series of successes, ideas and iconic practices at various MeeGo-relevant events throughout this year as well as on the usual venues such as this blog and Slideshare.  Feel free to reuse or reference any materials I create for this purpose.

Getting Grounded

MeeGo advocates need to be prepared to face a significant amount of cynicism, especially while the solution is so immature.  Tempering enthusiasm with solid facts and maybe a little humility should help defuse that sort of response.  Still, passion is an important part of effective marketing so don’t lose the fire completely!

Stay tuned for a continuation of this subject, and I hope to see you at future events!

10 responses to “Marketing MeeGo: Introduction

  1. Most of the buzz around Android and iOS comes from the “what phone is that?” factor – i.e., heaps of people have the devices and show them off to their friends and co-workers.

    Right now, there are NO MeeGo devices. Fix that, and then worry about the buzz.

  2. Hola Instalé MEEGO en una Samsung N450, Que les diré?.. siempre he sido fan de Nokia, compre un N900 y me fascino Maemo 5, pero MEEGO???.. esta en pañales, en primer lugar todos los videos que bajo de youtube o los grabo con los mismos telefonos Nokia que son Mp4.. no funcionan, encontré un blog en donde compile un monton de paquetes, hice funcionar algo al player ese que tienen, pero resulta que tengo imagen pero no hay sonido, hice USB a un disco de una laptop que se me quemó, me topo con la ingrata noticia que MEEGO no reconoce un dispositivo con formato NTFS.. Señores, todo es marketing, la otra, quise conectar mi netbook con mi telefon N900 para en cualquier lugar tener acceso al internet que tengo en mi N900 tal como lo hacia con mi PC Suite en Windows 7 o XP o Vista, nada que ver, NO HAY PC Suite para MEEGO. Señores de Nokia, pongansen a pensar que en primer lugar, sacan un producto que a sus mismos otros productos no dan soporte (que pena!!!) la otra es que lo primero que uno se busca es interfase con la competencia, si voy a dejar Windows, denme por favor una interfase para obtener los respaldos de mis viejos archivos y que no sienta yo la diferencian.. por favor, maduren el producto y luego saquen al mercado, tengo que otra vez instalar WINDOWS 7 y volver como perro con la cola entre las piernas, que pena de MEEGO!!!!

  3. Otra de las cosas que no me gustó para nada es que tienen como estandar los archivos ejecutables RPM, dejan a un lado los .DEB, implementen alguna herramienta para poder conseguir codigos de debian, pues ubuntu y las otras comunidades tienen monton de software desarrollado pero en .DEB y la tortura hacerles RPM.. den interfases hacia los otros sistemas y facilidades para los usuarios. Practicamente al momento MEEGO es una ofensa para el usuario final que está estancado en las pocas cosas que hace ese sistema operativo.

  4. Great post. This has probably made an impact to readers since it is a comprehensive post of a marketing strategy that will prepare the coming of the MeeGo product. Very informative and concise. Nice work. I’m beginning to get excited.:)
    Sherman Unkefer

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