N900 Multitasking: Nokia wants your input

Own a Nokia N900?  Peter Schneider of Nokia Maemo marketing has a challenge for you: he wants to know how important multitasking is for N900 owners, and exactly how they take advantage of it.

A new poll at talk.maemo.org breaks it down by number of concurrent windowed applications on the desktop.  The poll has a slight design quirk (it has categories for 0, 1 to 3, 4 to 6,  6 to 9 and > 9 apps, whereas 7 to 9 might be better for the 6 to 9) but it’s not enough to undermine the purpose.

So if you have not already, take a moment to respond to the poll and then post your typical use cases that either require multitasking or explain why it is unnecessary for you.  Your input could be valuable for future product considerations!

This effort has the endorsement of the maemo.org community council.

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention the poll has already closed.  I am very sorry that I didn’t notice.  I’m quite frankly surprised it was not allowed to run longer.  However, posting comments may still be helpful.


7 responses to “N900 Multitasking: Nokia wants your input

  1. Even if I’ve voted in the poll, thinking better to this, I find it pretty useless and I’ll try to explain why.

    1) People who vote, probably don’t take in consideration application in background (such as Skype or IM) and widgets.

    2) People vote application they’re able to execute given the limitation of the device not the application they would like to execute. For example I don’t use more than 3 application at time, because I know that my N900 would become too slow to use.

    I really don’t know what they mean with “Your input could be valuable for future product considerations”.

    • Those concerns may not be relevant to Nokia’s goals for this survey though. Why not just accept that the company is finally soliciting feedback after customers have demanded it for so long, and trust that the data could very well have value? And on that note, the wording of this article was mine, not Nokia’s.

  2. …little disappointed here. Just checked my e-mail, saw you mention the poll Texrat (4 hours ago), headed on over there to vote….closed poll! 😐

    Now I don’t even feel obliged to explain just how important I feel multi-tasking is and why. 😦

  3. Nice. Where did you get the photo from? 🙂

  4. i am using N900 and i like this ,
    1- this have full kebord which is very usefull for input and typing
    2- i hope it will use meego ,so many appiction shoftware will avilable.
    3- i hope nokia will lanch elder brother of n900 (may be n910) which have big screen 5″inch or more,(1078X600 pix) or more and 1Ghz or high processor with meego os. battery life need to improve.
    i need one usb port as abilable in laptop or pc togater with mini usb,so pen drive or other usb divice can coonect directly. and charing port need to be seperate.
    there or some other device in market with 4.3 inch sceen but no keybored ,i found it is not user friendly to type email or other thing .

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