Nokia seeks Senior Product Manager for MeeGo

I’m going to start echoing job listings for projects and companies I am tracking, and that of course includes Ovi, MeeGo and mobile computing in general.  The category, for those wishing to follow via RSS, will be Employing Opportunity.

In that spirit, here’s an attractive one: “Senior Product Manager, MeeGo Operation-PRO00000031“.  The description is as follows:

MeeGo Devices is where Nokia builds mobile computers on Linux. We build leading-edge devices by combining the most powerful hardware and the best open source software technologies. Our ambition is to deliver a superior user experience dedicated for mobile computers with large touch-screens that fit into your pocket. Using agile development methods and engaging with open source communities define our new way of working. Our latest product is the Nokia N900 – a high-performance mobile computer with powerful multitasking capabilities, fantastic web browser, and a rich media experience. Get to know everything about MeeGo at

Besides strong personal charisma and ability to influence, success in this role requires excellent leadership skills, strong strategic thinking skills and excellent negotiation and communication skills. With more than 6 years of experience in similar R&D or product management functions already under your belt, you have a proven your ability to execute in a turbulent environment. We also expect you to have experience from Linux-based open source projects. Take your career to a totally new level by applying today!

As a Senior Product Manager in Nokia’s operation you will be responsible for driving Nokia’s product and software platform agenda in the MeeGo SW platform creation with Nokia, Intel and the community. You will ensure competitiveness of the MeeGo SW platform in a setup where decision-making is essentially based on your ability to sell your ideas and capability to convince others of the benefits for the whole community, rather than on a formal organizational position. You will need to form a consolidated view of MeeGo building blocks and roadmap with the Nokia MeeGo Product Planning team and to agree on that with Intel representatives or other community members. Also, you will execute a set of front-end product processes (e.g. roadmap process) for steering and managing the development of the MeeGo software platform from Nokia’s perspective. You will report to Head of MeeGo Product Planning Operations.

If I were able to relocate and had just a bit more directly-relevant experience this is the sort of position I would target myself.  I’m sure that Nokia will have no trouble finding candidates.

The position is intended for Helsinki, Finland.  For those interested, the listing can be found here:


One response to “Nokia seeks Senior Product Manager for MeeGo

  1. i want to apply as a senior product manager

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