Skewing Positive

Other than Akademy 2010 postings, the content here has admittedly been largely negative lately.

When I re-read that statement it sounds so passive, as if the blog writes itself without my input.

I can lay the blame for the trending tone here on the subjects, especially Nokia, for inspiring such downward feelings… but ultimately a writer has to decide how to approach a topic.  Cynical sorts will label perspective-finding as “spin” but perish the thought– I can speak Marketinian with the best of them but it’s not my primary language.  That would be Geekese.

Anyway it’s time to analyze the landscape, shift gears again and get back to contributing more toward solutions than problems.  Stay tuned.


4 responses to “Skewing Positive

  1. I have a natural tendency to worry about all of the negative stuff, too, and I have to constantly remind myself to focus on the things where I can have a real impact.

    As a matter of fact, this post reminds me that I was doing it again a few minutes ago. Now, I’m going to go do something productive and stop worrying about that other thing that I can’t really control anyway 🙂

    • In rehashing my time in Tampere last week I realized my recent negativity was reinforced by certain conversations. So many European friends were trying to understand US device market craziness and I could not help them (because I find many behaviors, such as quarter-by-quarter thinking, as crazy too). So instead of defending our unique business landscape I found myself bashing it in agreement.

      I was challenged by a few individuals I respect to find a way of selling the open source future to closed-minded US business leaders (ie, not IBM nor Intel :D). So that’s what I’ll focus on.

      • Well, if you were bashing and not discussing, there is your problem!! 🙂

        Here in the States, big business needs to be confronted with an issue (that we all recognize to be an issue) in such a way that they see how it will hurt their bottom line!

        Sometimes, that doesn’t happen until they are bashed with the truth a million times unfortunately, but you shouldn’t feel like you are being negative as long as you are being constructive!

        Another nasty little US trait/habit, people thinking they are being negative because the trend is anyone who opens their mouth to utter a word is quickly labeled a whiner/complainer and their input is thought to be useless. 😦

        I always try to have a positive outlook when discussing, even sour points!

      • Good advice, Inacurate, thanks for the mirror– sometimes it’s needed. 😉

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