Akademy 2010: Day 5

I didn’t have much to report for days 3 and 4, sorry.  I had planned to attend the Qt workshops on day 3 but got engaged in a really fascinating offline discussion with Nokia’s Knut Yrvin instead.  Day 4 I spent in my gracious host’s apartment suffering from some bug of the human variety.

Today I felt a little better which was good, because I was highly interested in attending the NEPOMUK workshops.

NEPOMUK describes itself as a project to enable a social semantic desktop; the project

brings together researchers, industrial software developers, and representative industrial users, to develop a comprehensive solution for extending the personal desktop into a collaboration environment which supports both the personal information management and the sharing and exchange across social and organizational relations.

Whoa!  What’s that?  Just as I was surprised to stumble upon KDE’s Project Silk by accident, I didn’t learn of NEPOMUK (despite extensive online and research and personal networking) until Akademy.  And here these guys are hard at work on the very ontology that the MeeGo User Experience Framework (MUEF) desires!

Of course my information management background is largely in commercial product data and logistics process management.  I’m still exploring the open source landscape so no real shock that I might be ignorant of existing resources.

And that goes to the heart of MUEF.  There has been some confusion in the MeeGo community over just what purpose we served.  There’s no code coming out of us (yet) and we seem to be all over the place.

But there is a single thread and that’s of course in facilitating improved feedback opportunities and mechanisms, particularly for the mobile experience.  To that extent I clarified the meta-project’s mission at the MeeGo forum:

Right now we are in “discovery mode”. That means we are helping you the developer by identifying existing resources and bringing them into a single feedback-oriented wiki page for easy access. I can assure you all that we have put hours and hours into this, time you can better spend coding.

NEPOMUK looks extremely exciting and it was a real thrill to sit in on the workshops.  For once I shut up and listened (:D).  I couldn’t follow every detail but fortunately my background is enough that I can see where NEPOMUK has a lot to offer MeeGo.  I’m not the only one, either!  The funny thing is that MeeGo’s involvement here was not readily apparent to the community so if nothing else our team can help with visibility.

So out of this trip I have a better understanding of Silk and Gluon and I was introduced to the vast potential of NEPOMUK.  From the looks of things, the pie-in-the-sky ideas of past visionaries are close to coming true.  I will of course keep readers informed of progress in this area!


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