Diary of a Qt noob

As noted in a recent status filler, I plan to orient much of the upcoming content here around the MeeGo User Engagement Framework (MUEF) project.  As part of that, and for my own general interest and education, I’ll start including coverage of the Qt application development platform.

Now, the bulk of my programming background is with Visual Basic, from COM-based version 2 up to VB.Net 2008, and I’m a complete stranger to Qt.  But with the advent of MeeGo along with Qt’s evolution toward something comparable to Visual Studio, I’ve decided it’s past time to tack on some new skills.

I’ve started by downloading the Qt 4.7 beta and will proceed very slowly as I explore this new territory.  Along the way I will share my experiences, good and bad, in the hopes that other beginners may be helped.

It may be time for me to bite the bullet and get back up to speed on C++, but I also hope to learn more about Python as well.  Whatever I discover will be shared here, journal-style.

If you’re interested in following along, use this RSS feed.  I’m also open to guest articles on the subject as well as comments from the gurus.

Next: downloading and installing Qt!


3 responses to “Diary of a Qt noob

  1. Nice idea. Why not put it onto wiki.meego.com? We could do with some developer documentation 🙂

    • Hmmm… I’m not sure if what I write will count as documentation the way others see it. I’m mainly going to expose my own fumbling so that other beginners don’t feel so lonely. 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing this information.

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