Finding focus

One drawback of keeping up with a blog like this is that it often must take a back seat to more immediate or practical matters.  That’s certainly been the case the past few weeks as my draft backlog builds while nothing is published.

The economic crisis has definitely been personal for me, ostensibly playing a part in the loss of my last paid position (with Nokia) and now pitting me against a growing workload at my current employer.  As much as I enjoy researching and writing for this corner of my life, the work that puts food on the table takes precedence.

That said, I’m making an effort to allocate some quality time to both council duties and an exciting project, the MeeGo User Engagement Framework (MUEF).  Thanks to the latter I just had a paper accepted for Akademy 2010 and I’m excited at that prospect.  Still looking for help with the project, too!

Since my free time has been so impacted by recent employment needs, I’ve decided that once I wrap up and post the current drafts in queue I’ll make the MUEF project the main focus of the blog for a while.  There’s a lot of ground to cover so there will be no shortage of material.

So stick around– things should get interesting soon!


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