Cricket symphony

Sorry for the silence.  It isn’t indicative of laziness– I have several articles staged; just fleshing them out a bit.  Sure a lot to write about lately!

Speaking of which, while you’re waiting on me to get my act together, feel free to fill this up with comments.  No agenda necessary other than vanquishing whitespace.


3 responses to “Cricket symphony

  1. I have read your writings lately and since u are a talented writer i get back to your blog when something pops up.
    I was a little curious on u and read your history under “work”.
    What has happened on that front? You have a work today? What kind of work?
    Just curious 🙂

    • Thanks for asking Andreas, and for the compliment.

      6 months after my position with Nokia was eliminated I found another with a US logistics service provider and have been there now 9 months. I am an analyst in software/hardware change management.

      Of course I am also still heavily active with and now MeeGo which is like having two jobs– only you work to get paid for one and sent on occasional trips with the other. 😉

      How about yourself?

      • I have been working freelance for 14 years consulting in IT. Of the assignments i have had the one closest to the topic of this website is maybe building a testlab for an ericsson gsm base station some years ago.
        Otherwise mostly contracts connected to military IT systems and IT security.
        Took on employment this month, fist time having a boss in 14 years :-), in a company working as IT security specialists on military IT systems.
        Linux is a hobby. So even if i used mostly Ericsson mobiles before, when Nokia came out with the N900 there was no option. That the platforms i use are open and under my own control is an important factor for me. So an Iphone is something i would never buy 🙂
        I have an asus eeepc with moblin installed.
        Feel a little worried about that marriage with Maemo. Will it not distract Nokia from its target, mobile phones, when Intels target is maybe heavier devices like laptops?
        Moblin felt like a half hearted project as far as investments, even if Intel managed to get a lot of marketing buzz around moblin.
        I wonder how many full time developers they had on moblin…
        Same can of course be asked about Maemo. How many full time developers have Nokia had in the Maemo project? More so then Intels Moblin i could guess but maybe not a lot.
        Can sound good to combine the resources but if they work on different goals it will not make the final product better, just worse 🙂

        Wonder also if Nokia understands the importance of Maemo. If they put enough resources on it. How many do they have hacking on Symbian? If they put the same numbers into Maemo i think it would be a more mature product since long now.

        Just filling up the whitespace here 🙂


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