Post holiday present from Maemo… and Ovi

Twitter and are buzzing with great news: you no longer have to wait on the Nokia N900 firmware upgrade I teased you about.  That’s right: a new update, 1.2009.44-1, is now available.

Lack of Nokia-generated buzz along with the version number suggests that this is apparently a minor release and meant as a precursor to something bigger to follow soon.  Yes, “soon” is a vague political word but I don’t have a date.

But it must be a banner day for Nokia as well as customers, though, because as small as this update may seem it comes with Ovi Store support.  That’s right, the long-promised N900 knob to the Ovi Store door is here.

Initial access success was reportedly mixed, as the greenlighting appeared to occur on a region-by-region basis.  Some URL tricks were necessary at first for some but the ever-resourceful community figured it out quickly and had eager users buying games like “Angry Birds” in short order.

The Ovi Store access has also been said to be accompanied by a nice improvement to the Application Manager, something long requested and overdue.  Sorry, no screenshots yet– I still don’t have a replacement N900.  However you can catch a glimpse at some N900 technical blogs like

Today proves once again that big things can come in small packages.  And it’s still speculative, but I’m betting these advents precede an announcement regarding T-Mobile US and the N900.  We’ll see…


5 responses to “Post holiday present from Maemo… and Ovi

  1. Hey Tex! I did not realize that T-Mobile has not launched the N900 yet. In the wireless 3rd world that is Canada, we are likely getting the N900 launched with our new AWS entrant,

  2. The link to the 1.2009.44-1 update is broken.

    (Is it available as a SSU? My app manager doesn’t show me any updates from my 42-11).

    • Sorry about the link Marius– it was originally to a blog that had plenty of detail covering installation but it looks like the link changed as I was saving my post… and now my search doesn’t turn it up! Not sure what happened there.

      But yes, the update should be available via SSU. Some owners report that they are having to reboot their devices in order to see the update for OTA– have you tried that yet?

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