Maemo Fremantle PR 1.1 community test

In a tremendous show of trust and good faith, Nokia’s Maemo team has invited certain community members to test pre-release Maemo firmware designed for the Nokia N900.

Currently being without an N900 means I have to sadly decline the invitation to participate, and I’m only mentioning this to the world at large to demonstrate proof of the slow-but-steady progress of Maemo toward increased openness.

Prospective participants are largely being culled from community members exhibiting a strong history of bug reporting, analysis and feedback.  Like the 300-or-so recipients of N900s at Maemo Summit 2009 in Amsterdam, they are not being asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) but instead are being trusted by the Maemo team to employ discretion while testing the firmware.

This is profound, folks.

As a former employee who lobbied over a year ago for this very thing, I’m excited to see it come to be even as I’m disappointed that I can’t play along.  Still, the gesture itself is what’s truly important here, and I hope participants oblige the responsibility placed upon them.  This move could portend more to come if it turns out right.

There will likely still be those critics who think Nokia will never go fast and far enough, but in my opinion they would be missing the important picture here.  Increased openness in testing and broadening the tester base potentially means a better operating system and applications for everyone.  Here’s hoping this is just the start of a ramped-up “release early, release often” philosophy from Maemo.


21 responses to “Maemo Fremantle PR 1.1 community test

  1. can i have your invite?

  2. If you’ll use it to write stuff up for Maemo-Guru, sure. I haven’t really touched it since my N97 came in.

  3. Seems not to be for all maemo summit 2009 participant. Didn’t get any invite. (i didn’t blame it, it s just to say that is for less people than you think)

  4. AFAIU the invites were sent to people who were actively reporting bugs in the past.

    I must say I don’t get it: there’s no NDA, but the testers are kindly asked to keep secret everything they learn about the new things in the upcoming release. Why? Where’s the harm if the world learns something about a minor OS update a week or two early?

    I honestly want to understand.

  5. Looks like an extremely limited subset of people got it. I have two N900 at hand (Amsterdam, DDP), lowlevel bugzilla activites, 3 apps and am somewhere in the top 75 karma – but no PR1.1 for me.

    I would LOVE to test during the next 10 days, as I will be on skiing holiday which leaves me with plenty of time in the evenings.

  6. Sorry, “bud”… comments like your last one won’t stick. Try again.

  7. The criteria for PR1.1 community testing really had mostly to do with recent Bugzilla activity with regard to the N900. We’ll see how it works out… If it’s helpful Nokia maybe will consider to repeat this and have more people the next time? (I’m really just hoping here, as I’m not involved into such planning itself…)

  8. krishna bhargava

    hey… battery life for n900 not even for ah single day.. is this fixed in the new firmware!!

    • No idea, and if I was testing I couldn’t say.

      But your experience is not absolute anyway. When I was using an N900 it could go over 2 days on a charge or sometimes not make it half of one. It all comes down to usage.

  9. krishna bhargava

    ok ok…. i find it eating the charge where fastly when i use the wifi …. hopes the new firmware improves the life… by the way when is it expected to be out???

  10. Hi – thanks for this informational piece. Please forgive this, my English is not so good. French is my native tongue but I am learning getting down English. See you later!

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