It’s YOUR council

Before I get into the details surrounding my participation in Maemo Summit 2009 and its aftermath, I wanted to make something clear:

As your newly-elected council representative for the next six months, I expect input and feedback on what YOU expect.  So I’m not just begging for participation, I’m insisting on it.

The way I see it, there is a “currency” to complaints.  By that I don’t mean timeliness but rather value and cost.  Registering a complaint against an individual or organization is an implicit demand for response.  Usually the level of response is disproportionate to the original demand or request; i.e., more time and resources are spent addressing the issue than in presenting it.

So if you’re lodging a complaint, keep in mind that there is an expectation of further engagement on your part.  Dropping a little bomb into a discussion and running is trolling.  We can all do better than that.  Your bombs create craters that require filling; complainants should participate in that.  Such an effort takes many forms but it could be as simple as providing greater detail to your original issue or even nurturing it through to a conclusion of some sort.  Take ownership of your ideas!

Only a few hundred people out of perhaps thousands of potential voters bothered to indulge us in this past election.  I won’t go into the theories around that but I will say it is humbling.  It suggests to the current council we have no community-driven mandate and that it will be difficult overcoming the perception of a “government of, by and for the few”. We intend to face that challenge head-on.

One way to overcome the stigma of low voter turnout is high member follow-up.  Don’t just complain idly about issues– post clear, detailed and objective complaints or suggestions at and participate constructively in the subsequent discussion.  Try not to succumb to raw emotional impulses or appeals; stay objective and focused on your goal.  Be tolerant of minor distractions but firm in your resolve.

I am hoping you will use the Comments section of this blog, twitter, channels or any other means you have of contacting me openly and honestly.  I will gladly respond in kind.  Together we can achieve Great Governance of which will lead to other great things!  YOU decide what those should be.



6 responses to “It’s YOUR council

  1. Nice to know your are really taking care of our opinions.
    Good luck with your next term.


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  3. You are SO the guy for the job, and I only wished you could be paid and have multiple terms. I don’t know a more reasonable guy on the forums, nor a better writer/speaker. Congratulations on the election, and I look forward to seeing the culture grow and improve into a well run machine on your watch.

    That’s a lot of expectation, but the fact I know you’ll get it done is what makes me happy. I have alot of confidence in you as a leader.

    • Arg, a “lot of expectations” is an understatement! I appreciate the assessment but really, there are so many others who fit that description much better than I could even hope to. Sjgadsby, timsamoff and atilla77 are just a few of many who come immediately to mind. Two of those guys have not been on a council yet but I expect them to!

      Anyway VDVsx is the council chairman and he’s the one for the kudos. The guy is a human whirlwind– I’m just a hack who got lucky. Others on the council are also far more experienced and I will be looking to all of them for guidance.

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