Working things out

At the risk of starting a trend over personal-type articles I wanted to take time out from all the Maemo and information management stuff to post a disclaimer.

Some have asked me about my choice of topics, and to that end I expanded the goals on the Work page here.  But I want to go into a little more detail in this post.

I have posted a great deal about Nokia recently for 3 main reasons:

  1. I used to work there and enjoyed the time;
  2. I still love the devices and hold out hope for Ovi;
  3. I am endeavoring to become more involved with the mechanics of the Nokia-supported community

Those sentiments have flavored many recent posts and will continue to do so– however, I also want to pull in miscellaneous current events that are relevant to my usual subject matter.  Unfortunately, the depressed economy appears to have placed a damper on information management activities (at least based on the lack of material) so for the time being you’re probably stuck with random rants about surveys and other such filler.  😉

One thing I will not do is blog about my current employer.  It’s one thing to reference a current employer when offering support to a developer community– and quite another to write article after article about what that employer is doing.  Hopefully that will be a relief to any managers who stumble across this little nook.

While at Nokia I ran an internal blog called The Long Tail that was addressed to peers and higher managers.  One common theme was quality assurance and its place in certain contexts.  Some of that content could be modified and reproduced on the internet, but most of it will never see the public light.

The transparency of the internet makes this sort of policy critical.  There is no anonymity anymore, at least, not if touchy areas like slander and trade secrets are involved.  Courts have no problem ordering the revelation of an unknown poster’s identity if certain laws have been breached.  So, better safe than sorry!

I hope this also helps anyone who had certain questions about my goals and motivations, and if any reader has more, just ask away!  I always welcome comments, even the highly critical ones.


3 responses to “Working things out

  1. allnameswereout

    Are you planning on becoming community council member? Just wondering.

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