Bracing for Amsterdam

In anticipation of possibly attending the Maemo 2009 Summit in Amsterdam, I recently began soliciting input first for a presentation topic and second for guidance on content.

By a slim margin, “engaging communities” was the top choice for subject matter.  On one hand the topic is hotly debated by passionate community members, but on the other it is a mostly “soft” subject very open to experimentation and subjective interpretation of data.

The good news here is that I’ve identified a wealth of data upon which to feed.

The bad news here is that I’ve identified a wealth of data upon which to feed.

Which is funny because some conversants challenged me on the topic, seemingly assuming there might not be much to go on.  Instead I find so much useful data that I’ve had to refactor my presentation twice now as I struggled to replace weaker elements with stronger ones and wrap the content around a continually-refined community discussion.

By the same token, I have discovered synergies with a few other presenters and in the true spirit of community we are working through email to integrate and cross-reference our individual efforts.  Some of this is due to other presentations describing success stories I should reference and the rest is simply typical subject matter overlap.  The sum of the parts will certainly be greater than the whole.  😉

This effort would be much easier if remained the developer and superuser resource as it began– however, the continuing evolution of Maemo products (especially the addition of a cell modem to the N900) means more average consumer interest and at least some of those people are going to find their way to  To this end, the site could use some refactoring of its own and that discussion is well underway.  This of course plays into my presentation (From corporations to communities: responsible and effective engagement) which will be posted here on or around October 9 2009 and followed shortly by a post mortem article.

On a side note, there is a co-create session scheduled for October 8 and I am hoping Nokia will find a way to extend sponsorship to include that date.  I would love to participate in product design strategy!  It would be like old times for this former product designer.

October is approaching faster than I would like so I am devoting as much time as I can to making this a worthwhile presentation.  As before, I welcome all input.  Many thanks to all who provided plenty to digest after the previous article!


4 responses to “Bracing for Amsterdam

  1. You’re not alone in feeling like October is coming much too quickly. I bet there’s a lot of people at Maemo Devices wishing there were a few extra weeks between now and October… 😉

  2. allnameswereout

    Hope you can make it to Am*dam including the usability workshops 🙂

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