Post and Haddock

My last fishing expedition was for purely personal reasons, hoping to hook up with readers who could offer more than a quiet repose on the poop deck.  The pleasant surprise so far was in seeing responses from readers who admit to lurking without commenting until now.

Maybe they’re reading for the halibut.

Okay, enough with the bad fish puns.  Given the obvious international readership of TC there’s a risk that they’re going to fall as flat as a flounder anyway.

There was some helpful feedback in the mix of recent comments and I hope to hear from more of you.  Sometimes all it takes to draw out the shy ones is the comfort of a crowd.  Maybe I need to pay some regular commenters…

And I hope that no one really feels like they have nothing to offer.  Sure, my erratic ego rarely turns away the occasional kudos, but even something as simple as “more articles like this one!” or “Randy, you blithering idiot, WHAT are you going on about???” could be helpful.

In the last respect, I guess I miss some old regulars from a forum I ran years ago.  About 10 or so of us developed a tight comraderie to the point where we were relaxed enough with ourselves and each other to say such things.  One guy in particular liked to jab me with lines flavored like old Saturday Night Live routines and I thoroughly  enjoyed every insult.

And posting something like the paragraph above makes me realize one thing: I spent so long in corporate blogging that I sanitized myself.  As much as I abhor “political (in)correctness”, I succumbed to it for the sake of a job.

I still have to be careful, because I can’t risk offending a potential employer, but at the same time I need to shake off the mental corporate shackles to a large extent, relax and write.

So I promise to do more of that.  I could still use some assistance there, though.  feel free to submit any comments you like, any time.  If you don’t want them public, shoot me an email.  I’m especially looking for topical guidance.  If you’re taking the time to click through to this circus, I want to make sure you’re entertained.  Or informed.  And better yet, both.  😉


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