150+ and counting…

A few days ago I posted that I was up to 130 job applications since losing my position with Nokia.  Afterward, out of sheer frustration over lack of progress I began digging deeper than ever, turning up companies I had never heard of before but listing positions I could perform.  A few look very promising… at least on paper.

So as of today I am over 150 applications, and setting a goal for myself of 10 per day.

Perhaps I need to make it clear at this point that I am not spamming any employers– yet.  So far every job to which I’ve applied I believe I can do.  But as I exhaust the typical possibilities I am going to have to broaden my scope– both up and down.

So far I’ve received a couple of hints that I may have been underqualified for certain roles but by far if I am turned down I hear that I am overqualified.  As I opined in an earlier article, in the context of the current economic situation I quibble with such assessments.  Companies have unloaded many thousands of professionals, flooding the applicant market with people who, like me, are experiencing difficulty convincing a prospective employer that they would be willing to work for less.  When so many “overqualified” candidates are available, the term loses meaning.

Given that my wife lost her job yesterday, though, I’m likely going to have to do a better job at selling myself for less…


2 responses to “150+ and counting…

  1. I do hope you find a job soon-good luck with that.
    Incidentally there is an interesting website that is specifically dedicated to recession victims.It offers help and discusses all issues related to recession-www.angstcorner.com. It’s worth a visit!

  2. Thanks Jayshree.

    Up to around 170 now… 😉

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