130 down… how many to go?

After a dry spell of job postings from late March to mid April I was able to kick up quite a flurry this past weekend.  I’m assuming the end of March saw many employers freezing recruitment activities until stock was taken of first quarter financials.  At a former employer when things got tough they would release temporary workers for a couple of weeks and then bring some back.   I’ll let readers form their own conclusions on how well that yo-yo show affected the bottom line.

Of course I took advantage of the increase in listings I found, and noticed afterward how thick my stack of application printouts had grown.  I had stopped counting after about 80 so I was curious to see where I was now.


My previous record, during the jobless recovery of 2002 to 2003, was 240 applications.  That was juxtaposed against two interviews and one job offer… over nine months time.

At least during this bout of unemployment my response ratios are already better.  I’ve had several interviews but no offers yet.  Still, 130 applications and no end in sight is not encouraging, especially given that most recruiters are still not returning calls.

At this rate I’m on pace to exceed that prior record, but I can’t say I’m enthused about the possible feat.  I’d rather stop now, settle for a distant second, and start working again.

The few recruiters I have managed to catch on the phone are telling me they typically see about 200 or so applicants per opportunity, much the same as I encountered in 2002.  Does that mean my 200th try could net an offer?

One can only dream… oh, and keep plugging away, of course.  200, here I come!


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