Never judge a book by its cover

I often describe to my kids this crazy time in the media when looks only really mattered in still and moving pictures.  Homely musicians (such as the self-described late great Waylon Jennings) could enjoy long and fruitful careers since it was their true talents that mattered.

Then came MTV, and video killed the radio star.

And thus we come to this nuclear-hardened age when the miracle of modern electronics can render an offkey bombshell into a singing sensation.  Where some obsess more over a few extra pounds than a few missed notes.

That cynicism set the stage for a performance by a plain 47-year-old woman to wow the audience and judges on Britain’s Got Talent into standing ovations and remarks like “stunning” and “extraordinary”.

If you ever watch just a single YouTube video, make it this one.  You won’t be disappointed.


2 responses to “Never judge a book by its cover

  1. I know I’m getting old when I still haven’t seen a youtube video with over 40 million hits until just now.

  2. Old? You won’t know old for years you puppy. : p

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