Cleaning up Careerbuilder

In addition to a few other job boards, I check Careerbuilder frequently– sometimes twice daily.  The job recommendations feature is fairly accurate enough to make my visits quicker but I often spend some extra time diving deeper to see if any opportunities are escaping my filters.  Sure enough, I typically net one or two extra listings that way.

But when I was first tossed back into the unemployment pool, I noticed a great many garbage listings on Careerbuilder.  Most were mere advertisements for training, with vague assurances of possible jobs after completion of the programs but no tangible opportunity.

Fortunately, Careerbuilder has a Report feature we can use to identify suspicious listings.  I personally put in good time looking for and reporting many improper listings and advise everyone who uses internet job boards to do likewise.

I tried to find at least one example to illustrate but despite clicking through numerous pages I did not find a single one.  Looks like the feature has been effective!  That helps all of us, as it improves the signal-to-noise ratio.  Ironically, it is also an exception to a point I made in this previous article about compounded individual acts working against the whole.  In this case, at least, they work for us.  😉


5 responses to “Cleaning up Careerbuilder

  1. I didn’t realize you could report inappropriate posts on career builder. Thank you for taking the time. Those training ads were really annoying and there were a lot of them.

    Personally I could do without the contacts from companies that a Google search quickly show as scams with no actual jobs also.

  2. Sorry I missed this comment– it was marked spam! I found it during–oddly enough–cleanup of this blog. 😉

    I wish I’d written the article a bit sooner, when I could have snagged a pic of an example…lol. Looks like I’m not the only one irritated by the fake listings, and people have been busy…

  3. Does it get more ironic than a legit comment to an article about spam being marked as spam?

  4. No, that takes the prize!

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