More fun with numbers

The first self-analysis of this fledgling blog stirred up a bit of flack but at least it helped provide some topic guidance. Anyone who actually knows me is unsurprised to see economic and political subjects but honestly, I was trying to avoid them!

Anyway, here’s the current activity snapshot:

Tabula Crypticum graph 2

Tabula Crypticum graph 2

For reference (and reassurance) I kept the Ovi and “football fan IQ” spikes in the view.  Hopefully they don’t represent a permanent peak.  I don’t know what to make of the fact that the first blog analysis shows up so prominently afterward– I’ll wait for the results of this one and then assess it.

Skipping over the second sleep period, the next jump (jobless saga and home on the range) looks a lot like a dead cat bounce.  I’ll try not to take any stock in that; a recovery is a recovery!

Maybe the declining economy has impacted the perceived value of the blog, and I’m seeing an adusted appraisal.  Maybe there’s a blog currency I don’t know about, with its own supply/demand system and exchange rate.  If I add highly-viewed blogs to TC’s blogroll, does that increase the value of mine?  Or do increasing views dilute the worth of a blog?  Perhaps value is measured in terms of post/comment ratios.  Definitely calls for more study.

I was given a little grief today over my tiny readership but I don’t mind.  Quality over quantity I always say!  Thanks to all three of you for reading.  😉


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