Nokia </3 Irving?

Pardon me for use of the emoticon, but I was coming up dry for clever article titles today.  I think maybe the current cold weather has frozen key neurons.

Anyway, the “</3” commonly symbolizes a broken heart, or lack of love.  In this case, I am wondering about Nokia’s true sentiments regarding its Irving, Texas location.

The Nokia Irving campus has been surrounded by negative speculation at least since the US factory (Alliance) closed down and its operations sent to Reynosa, Mexico.  The rumor mill was fueled further when Nokia Siemens Networks was formed, and further still when the campus’ Building 1 was emptied.  Anonymous comments on internet sites have not generally expressed much hope.

But then CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (commonly known as “OPK”) visited the Irving site in October 2008 and declared it had a future.  Supposedly the relocation of AT&T to Dallas from San Antonio made a Dallas-area Nokia presence a necessity.

Yet, very soon afterward many Irving employees were released from service.  That just served to fuel more pessimistic speculation.  I now hear from current employees of a constant fear that their jobs are next.  It is not easy to conduct your work under such circumstances, rumors or no.

And I don’t like relying on rumors anyway.  So as a former Nokia quality specialist who occassionally checks to see what jobs are being added, I decided to take some measurements and examine how Irving’s prospects looked from a numbers basis.  My metric?  Jobs listed by region.  Results from the Nokia career site as of this posting are below:

242 opportunities overall
53 of those are US-based or Global/Location Negotiable
3 listings for Irving

The sum possibilities for the US actually does not look too bad, considering– 53 out of 242.  However, that last figure may say it all, especially since only two of those 3 listings actually specified Irving (the other was a US-general opportunity).

In contrast, here are current results for a few other US locations:

18 for Burlington, MA
13 for Mountain View, CA
5 for White Plains, NY

If I were to speculate solely on these figures, I would say that if Irving does have a future it will likely be as a very small satellite operation supporting AT&T.  I would love for someone, anyone, to disabuse me of that conclusion!  Comments welcome.

UPDATE: Nokia today announced that profits fell 69% during fourth quarter 2008.  That doesn’t bode well for any of their operations or sites…


13 responses to “Nokia </3 Irving?

  1. From TFA: “The company said it would slash costs at its handset unit by euro700 million annually. It didn’t give any details, though Chief Financial Officer Rick Simonson said staff cuts were unavoidable.”

    Where will those staff cuts come from? Could easily be Irving, but I’d say everyone’s vulnerable right now. The profits we make in the Security Appliance business will be gone once the deal with Check Point is closed, which I’m sure won’t help Nokia’s overall profit picture any.

  2. I agree, and thanks for including that quote.

    But surely you’re at least somewhat encouraged by the Mountain View numbers, phoneboy…? ; )

  3. Yeah, but I’d have to move out of Seattle for those jobs. So not happening right now 😉

  4. thank you…very much 😉

  5. I am not sure what the thank you is for…?

  6. Wow– 2 job listings for Nokia Irving recently appeared. Both are IT support. I’m surprised!

  7. Is it Nokia direct or is it whoever they outsourced their IT services to? (And don’t think THAT changeover didn’t cause some issues with our transition to Check Point, either)

  8. It’s Nokia direct, amazingly enough!

  9. Your predictions did come true. Nokia laid off all the R&D staff from the Irving office.

    • I heard something was going to go down in late October, but I’m not happy to see confirmation. How extensive are the layoffs there? Just R&D?

      Oddly, I see openings every now and then for Irving, but many people I know working there say they expect the site to be gone any day now. So many mixed signals it’s hard to say…

  10. The entire symbian sw staff were laid off, the numbers going up 110. I think there is very little reason to keep the site alive, considering most of Building 2 is empty.

  11. Looks like more cuts coming for Irving. I really don’t understand the business sense here– so many positions have been moved from Irving to much more expensive regions. Why?

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