Fun with numbers

This blog is still in its infancy but I thought it would be interesting to show you all some of the statistics so far, and highlight what’s been popular.  To that end, see the chart below:

Tabula Crypticum graph 1

Tabula Crypticum graph 1

The first spike on 18 December 2008 represents a little post I threw in partly as an update on my job seeking but mostly, I’ll admit, as pre-holiday filler.  I would imagine that many views were out of sheer curiosity over the topic because they were referrals from  This suspicion is borne out by the steep drop off and near death of the blog afterward.

We’ll call the period between 20 December 2008 and 06 January 2009 a holiday-induced coma.  I think I could have posted daily weather reports and attained the same levels of readership.  Maybe more.

Lo and behold, once the pain of New Year partying had worn off, readers swarmed back with a vengeance.  This time it was an article on Ovi’s prospects that brought them in.  Again, referrals from were a significant factor.

But the real winner here was a tongue-in-cheek post pointing out what was presumably an error on some internet advertiser’s part that impugned the intelligence of Oklahoma Sooners fans.  Followers of the Texas Longhorns may dispute the “error” label.  Anyway, the driver in this case was a link I left at a sports discussion forum.  I may have found my target demographic!

So now I have feedback to guide me in future post topics: internet tablets, amalgamated web service sites, and insulting college football fans.  With that settled, I am looking forward to even higher spikes!  Hopefully the upcoming 2009 Superbowl will provide some material…


3 responses to “Fun with numbers

  1. Randall Arnold

    Well, maybe I was wrong about interpretation of the feedback. By a 2-to-1 margin, Planet maemo members have no sense of humor, which means maybe I should avoid feeding them…

  2. Randall Arnold

    Make that 5-to-2 now.

    At this rate I guess I should be glad for a low read-to-vote ratio… ; )

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