What it is (and isn’t)

Since I announced the creation of this blog I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes stuff, such as categories, tags, etc.  The goal is to recreate the experience of my former Nokia blog as much as possible.  Of course I will continue the tradition of teasing as opposed to revealing anything proprietary (I’m about to be out of the loop anyway).

One thing this blog won’t be is a duplicate of any other.  I will definitely write about Nokia (and other) internet tablets on occasion but the posts won’t infringe on those already established.  Thoughtfix and others do an outstanding job already at what they cover.

If I can sum up the myriad themes you will eventually discover here, I would use words and phrases like collaboration, process improvement, change management and information management.  You can also expect the occasional bad joke of course.

I will start off very soon by bringing over the content that I can from my Nokia blog.  Some of the material may be dated but hopefully someone will find use for it.  My goal is to make this a blog that people look forward to reading so to that extent I am eager for community guidance.  Feel free to offer honest, unrepentant feedback on any aspect of this blog.



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